Karim Khamzin is one of the foremost photographers in Phuket, and is well known throughout Asia.

He was born into a family of photographers. His father and uncle were both professionals in the industry. Being exposed to this line of work from a young age, Karim developed a long-standing passion for photography, and it became a huge part of his life.

Karim is a seasoned veteran of the photography world. He has proven himself after 30 years of experience, and his work is the colorful, vibrant proof. He worked with commercial entities such as newspapers, magazines and TV, and private projects: Wedding photography, families, portraits, events, fashion as well as other more customized jobs. This made Karim a versatile photographer and gave him the skills to work a very wide range of clients.

Karim came to Thailand and worked together with Australian journalist John Evringham at ArtAsia Press in 1990. He learned about the country and its people, and became inundated with the environment. He has worked in other businesses – publishing and export-import; he even considered banking at one point. He always came back to his one passion; photography.
In 2001, he returned to Thailand and organized PhuketPhotoPro. He continues working as a photographer and enjoys his life in tropical paradise.

“I offer photography services at Phuket, which is one of the world’s most beautiful tropical places. Mainly I love outdoor location shooting and I usually use natural light. I like to have my client relaxed and genuine to capture their true personality. In my lifetime I have been thankful for the opportunity to see many beautiful places and people. One way to remember these moments is by the art of photography. My goal is to help preserve your memories in photos by capturing the right moment, at the right time.”

Karim sums up the the company’s philosophy this way: “For me, the creative result is the most important thing. I want to feel good about it at the end of the day. We want you to fly home happy, and be able to show, not just tell, the amazing experience you had here.”