Many of Phuket Photo Pro’s clients have their first professional photo shoot with us.

“Why do I need my make-up done?” They would ask…

Scroll down and find out. From the first photo to the last one, you’ll realize the true power of make-up in the right hands.

Check this out. Any models in the magazines, even young beautiful woman NEED make-up!
Professional photographers always recommend, and sometimes DEMAND make-up before a shoot, especially in a hot tropical climate.

Usually if you are hiring a professional make-up artist, it will give you:  a several different make-up looks per day, constantly checking on your face and providing refreshing and retouching to avoid oily and shiny skin. It is always fun to work together with a good makeup professional. You will enjoy the process, and will receive excellent tips for when you do your own make-up.

If you’re not a big fan of make-up, you should apply at least a natural one. This will not change your look, but will make your skin look fresh, takes off all the defects, and cover blemishes and other skin problems with concealer.  Believe me, this will give you a boost of self confidence and will make you, our model, picture perfect!





Irina + Valery



Olga + Peter



Natalie (Bridal)

Iren V.


Li Xianhua