With three top-ranked regattas and five marinas (with more coming), Phuket is one of Asia’s favourites with “yachties”. As a result it also has some of the world’s best marine photographers.
So whether you are looking to sell a boat or charter it out, this is a great place to be.
But with all the competition, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd to get a sale. That’s where really high quality photography can make all the difference.
Whether you have a bluff-bowed expedition boat, a high-tech sloop or a gleaming classic, we’ll give you superb exterior, interior and action shots, all perfectly lit. And if you want a crew of beautiful models to add a touch of glamour to your boat, we’ll bring them along too.
Yes, you could fly a photographer in from elsewhere, but if it rains, or there’s no wind that day, you’re going to be disappointed.
We live here, and we work on a project basis – so we’ll shoot your boat on a day when the weather is perfect. That way you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be delighted.