Whether you’re a property developer, an agent or an owner, and whether you’re looking to sell or let your property, high quality photography will pay a major part in promoting your property and getting clients to view.
We can provide superb photography, with your property subtly lit to bring out its best attributes. We can provide models to bring it to life. In post-production we can deal with any blemishes.
And if your property is in Phuket, bear this in mind: you can fly in a photographer from elsewhere, but if the weather isn’t good on the day, then your photos won’t be either – and your photographer has flown back to wherever he or she came from.
We work on a project basis, so we can go back and reshoot if we’re not happy (or if you’re not).
And if it decides to pour with rain on the appointed day, then we’ll come back when the sun is shining. And you won’t have to fly us to or from anywhere, or pay for us to stay extra nights in a hotel. We live here.