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It was really sunny Sunday! We planned this photo session long in advance, and we were waiting for good weather. It finally came.

When Phuket Photo PRO came to the Julia and Pavel’s house, theirs baby girl Marina had just woken up. She was only 6 months old, and had just learned how to sit. She was very emotional, but smiling we only saw smiles emanating from her when she was with her mom and dad.

We decided to split our day into three parts, and make short sections to keep attention of the child and get diverse pictures. I also asked Julia and Pavel to prepare a list 1-2 different outfits for each background.

During our morning session at theirs house, I did make-up for Julia and we took lots of beautiful shoots and soft portraits around the house. By noon, our baby girl Marina ate and slept,  twice. Her mother changed her clothes, and we went to a nice café for lunch.
We spent a couple of hours there and took a few fantastic pictures. By this time, Marina got used to my camera, and she has ceased to pay attention to me. This allowed me to catch very natural and lovely family moments.

Our last location was at the beach. Phuket beaches make great locations for family photos! Beach backgrounds always look great in pictures and people love images of sand and sea in their homes.

The parents was happy to see how exited was their baby at the beach, it was the first time she touched the sand! The family was totally oblivious to the camera, which enabled us to move around and capture something real. It was amazing.


Together we made fabulous work, the light at the beach and relaxed atmosphere help us to create great memorable photos.

You can see more pictures in the Phuket Beach Family Gallery.