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It was a great sunny day in Phuket, and we were very lucky to do a photo shoot of an especially beautiful couple, Mikhail and Anna.

They held a wedding ceremony at Karon Beach, on the west side of Phuket.
The setting for their wedding ceremony was quaint and simplistic. The couple stood under an arch overlooking the water, wreathed with purple flowers and white cloth. A small table was set up on the sand next to them. The bride and groom took their places as we quietly snapped photos of them, surprised at how comfortable they were.

We looked on as the couple took their vows, and Kim was able to photograph that very special moment. To capture such love is difficult, but amazing results happen when you do it right.

We then moved on to several other locations, which included elephants, a temple, local coffee shops and even a rubber tree orchard! Nearer to the end of the day, we decided to proceed with a Trash the Dress session, which is a lot of fun for the both the couple and the photographer. Besides, the thing is only going to be worn once, why not get it dirty?

One of the best moments of the shoot was when Mikhail came to the realization that Anna was truly happy with the entire day. We are very pleased to have helped him in providing one of the best wedding gifts a groom can give to his new bride: Beautiful photos, and a day to be remembered.

Every couple that works with us is always impressed by the location. Tropical Phuket is a beautiful destination spot for weddings and honeymoons. It allows us as photographers to create a backdrop for a couple’s love story, which they will remember for years to come.

The evening ended off at a comfortable Thai restaurant in Phuket Town. We discussed the day, and how much of a success it was. Mikhail and Anna were very happy, and we could tell that they enjoyed themselves just as much as we did.

Days like these make us love what we do.