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  • September2nd

    Now here was a really great and wonderful couple work with.
    Carly and David married at one of the most romantic places on our island; at the beach front of the luxury Anantara resort. Read More | Comments

  • August26th

    Beautiful couple! Fantastic time and great photo shooting!

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  • August26th

    Just Married!

    Irena and Valery spend they honeymoon time in Phuket! The weather was great and we’ve got wonderful pictures!

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  • August26th

    Phuket Honeymoon Photo Shooting for Maria and Anton.
    They were a great couple, they had great time, and we had a great shoot! Greatness all round for this one.
    Maria and Anton are a Russian couple. They went to the airport and flew to Phuket right after their wedding ceremony in Moscow! They really enjoyed their honeymoon time in Phuket! You can read they testimonial here.

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  • May14th

    Last week of January Phuket PhotoPRO was working on the luxury expedition-style motor-yacht MY Amnesia (33.5m – 110ft).

    Based in Phuket, Thailand, MY Amnesia cruises and charters around South East Asia in a range of amazing locations: Thailand, Malaysia, Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Seychelles,Vietnam…
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  • May11th

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  • March31st

    Our indoor studio

    Hello, welcome to Phuket Photo PROjects! My name is Karim Khamzin, and I shoot professional photos here in beautiful Phuket.

    The photo you see is of myself on the left, and our graphic designer Bird. The photo was taken in our studio as we tested the set up of all of our lighting/flash equipment.

    We recently received new flash radio triggers called Radio Popper (Thanks to my son Arseni, in Vancouver).
    We decide to test them and connected them to all of our flashes. We have more flash in our arsenal than we could fit in that photo  .


    The new triggers worked great. I’m probably the only photographer in South East Asia who uses them. The company only distributes in the USA. I hope this will be change soon. The radio slaves are very good.  They are the best from what I’ve tried. Believe me, we tested many different systems, (many Chinese, Elinchrom, Bowen,Pocket Wizard). I think we found the ones that we can use!

    Time to test them on location…